How to get from the Airport of Marrakech to Taghazout?

Marrakech might be the most popular tourist destination in Morocco, but for those planning a winter escape into the waves, this city is merely a stop over. Taghazout village, on the other hand, is the choice.

The question is: How to get from the Airport of Marrakech to Taghazout?

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For some obvious reasons, Marrakech keeps attracting more and more low cost carriers offering direct flights from many major European cities. However, for those planning a winter escape into the waves, Marrakech is merely a stopover. Taghazout village, on the other hand, is the choice.

If Taghazout is your final destination, find here how to get there from the Airport of Marrakech 

Travellers have different options: Either they can rent a car right at the airport with multiple car rental options online, book a private taxi for 100 €, or simply use public transports. Here, we are going to focus on the last option.

The Airport of Marrakech

Marrakesh airport is very close to the city, but it can be very busy. After landing, travelers should expect up to an hour before they can finally make it outside. It is important to carry Moroccan Dirhams which can be purchased at one of the exchange offices or the ATMs inside the terminal building.

Now, let's move outside!

From Marrakesh to Agadir

1. From Marrakech airport to the bus station

Take the shuttle bus (n°19). It operates from 6am to 11pm, and runs about every 30 minutes from the airport to the Railway Station and the nearby Supratours Bus Station. It costs 30 dhs for one-way tickets and 50dhs for round trip tickets (within two weeks).

Taxis are on call in front of the airport (petit and grand taxis). The price is supposed to be 70dh, but drivers will always ask for more. It’s time to check your bargaining skills and sharpen your techniques. One should not pay more than 100 dhs. Taxis are also outside the airport area, and the price can be reduced to 50 Dirhams.
The City bus n° 11 runs from M’Hamid district through Jeema El Fna to the bus station at Bab Doukkala for no more than 4 dirhams. This is so far the cheapest option.

2.  From Marrakech bus station to Agadir.

The road from Marrakech to Agadir takes about 3 hours and a half (250 km approx). Supratours and CTM buses are a good choice when it comes to comfort. The CTM bus station is about two minutes’ walk from the Supratours bus station. For slow travelers, there are cheaper bus companies at the station of Bab Doukala


From Agadir bus station to Taghazout

From the bus station, one can either take a taxi, or catch the bus n°2 to get to Place Salam in the Abattoir district, the City Terminal for taxis and buses. There, two options are available: Grand Taxis (10dhs) or city buses (n°32, n°33) running the Agadir-Taghazout line from 6:30am to 8:30pm for less than 10 dhs.

Congratulation! You have just made it to Taghazout!

Surf fast! Hike slow!

Here are Some of the budget airlines flying to Marrakech and offering competitive prices:
Air Berlin, Transavia, Easyjet, Germanwings, Norwegian, Ryanair, Vueling, TuiFly

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